St. Vincenz Hospital,, Paderborn, Germany

in collaboration with Michael Lönne + Jörn Neumann

Client: Cooperative of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Vincent de Paul at Paderborn
Architect: Breithaupt Architekten
Photo credits: Atelier Lönne + Neumann

Technique: The glass panels are fabricated using multiple layers of hand-painted and airbrushed colored enamels on safety glass. There is partial sandblasting on the front of the panels to create an additional layer of texture to bring the viewer deeper into the design. The design panels are then installed between two layers of insulated glass. The panels are illuminated with LEDs.

DESCRIPTION: St. Vincenz Hospital hospital went through and extensive remodel and redesign in 2005. As part of the redesign a once dark entrance and transition area was activated by the addition of backlit art glass panels which helped with lighten and open up the space. This interior transformation was directly aligned with the hospitals new exterior facade. The subject matter of the artwork reflects concepts of heart, healing and mercy that are directly connected to St. Vincent de Paul. The intention is to create an interplay architecture, function, and technology with aesthetic sensibilities. The goal was to promote a warm and positive feeling where one can pause and reflect.

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